Your Best Medicine

A strong brand narrative will find a way to effectively communicate a message and promise that meets the audience where they live. The BJC St. Charles County hospital campaign theme needed to take the big brand voice of BJC HealthCare’s “The World’s Best Medicine Made Better” and personalize it for the smaller, community hospital market.




Brand Guide


Modular Messaging

Your Best Medicine is Close to Home. Skilled Hands are Your Best Medicine. Where this campaign’s messaging platform really thrived was in its ability to adapt to various proof points these world-class facilities offered the community — being either subtle and warm or direct and specific.

From Campaign to Brand Platform

After Your Best Medicine found success in St. Charles County, our BJC client felt the campaign message and look and feel would resonate among all of the BJC community hospitals in the greater St. Louis region. By telling a bigger brand story of world-class medicine within these individual communities, BJC was able to position itself as truly committed to the people they serve.

“Jager Boston reorganized our community calendar, creating a user friendly piece that has garnered attention from our sister hospitals, in hopes of replicating its successful design.” 

Laurisa Mahlin, Team Lead, Marketing & Communications

A Stronger Foundation

The non-profit Barnes-Jewish St. Peters & Progress West Foundation needed to make their materials more engaging to the community, while serving as an extension of the updated brand of the two hospitals. By exploring playful executions of the brand, the team gave the foundation its own identity that closely aligned with that of the hospitals.

“Our event materials and collateral are now eye-catching and on-brand.”

Kristin Williams, Foundation Director,
Barnes-Jewish St. Peters & Progress West Foundation

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