Modernized Communications

Graybar Electric Company wanted their communication materials to reflect the innovation and efficiency they deliver to customers. Jager Boston responded with a simplified and modern design system, enabling this industry leader to communicate with agility and confidence.



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Raising the Bar

A leader in industrial and electrical sectors, Graybar relies on print collateral for much of their communications. Jager Boston worked closely with the Graybar Marketing Communications team to develop a system that not only embraced the innovative nature of the company, but was also easily executable by the internal team. Instead of lengthy and content-heavy, think inviting and compelling.

Content Strategy, Reinvigorated

Reworking Graybar’s existing content strategy, our approach was to create an compelling, consistently engaging narrative. In the 2014 Annual Report, we wove their mission, vision and values throughout the pages. This often overlooked yet so important message wasn’t just highlighted, it guided the reader through the narrative. We paired the reinvigorated content with striking photography of Graybar employees telling their stories.

Celebrating a Rich Tradition

The Outlook is one of the oldest internal company publications in the country — its first issue printing in 1936. Tasked with redesigning this employee-loved quarterly, we developed an approach that encouraged readers to pick and choose sections that interest them, not to necessarily read from front to back – though we think they just might want to. By paying special attention to each and every spread,  compelling entry points throughout. The reimagined publications was also recognized by the Hermes Creative Awards, an international design competition, as 2016 Platinum Winners.

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