Brands that reach new heights

It can start with a name (or a letter). When real estate developer The Koman Group shortened their name to “Koman,” they needed a reinvigorated brand that matched their bold and intrepid approach to business.




Web design and content

Powerful and elegant

Jager Boston’s creative team took graphic inspiration from the strong architectural lines and modern shapes of the letter K — creating a cohesive visual concept that captures Koman’s established reputation as a trendsetting force in urban development.

Investment with Intent.

Investment with intent. Period. It’s what Koman does. After crafting a tagline, we developed a content strategy built around active words that captured Koman’s built projects.

Engaged. Transformed. Rescued.  

“Jager Boston truly engaged us to understand what we’re all about, which isn’t always easy. They created such an accurate expression of our brand.”

Jason Braidwood, President

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